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Onfido helps SuperCarers build trust between families and home carers

Adam Pike, CEO and co-founder of SuperCarers, explains how Onfido’s background checks generates trust in its ‘on-demand’
Author image Chiara Quadranti

Cultivating Trust in the Sharing Economy

Trust is complex. It’s difficult to gain and hard to maintain, and there are many different factors
Author image Patrick Penzo

4 Reasons to Trust (Me)

The act of trusting others has been a matter of discussion for centuries. While some believe that trust
Author image Irene Alegre

Are Britons ready to let go of trust issues and go steady with the sharing economy?

Hours after winning back the keys to 10 Downing Street, David Cameron told the nation that the UK
Author image Eamon Jubbawy

The trust barrier: background checking and the sharing economy

The sharing economy is booming: this fact will come as no surprise to anyone who’s booked a
Author image Eamon Jubbawy

Making Background Checks Positive

In my previous blog post I discussed a number of different ways, in light of recent academic studies,
Author image Eamon Jubbawy

The Power of Background Checks

One of our cardinal beliefs at Onfido is that our product can build trust between job applicants and
Author image Rob Olford

The Onfi-DOs and Onfi-DON’Ts of Hiring with GradTouch founder Zac Williams [Part II]

Having covered the Onfi-DOs of hiring in last week’s blog article, Zac Williams – founder and operations director
Author image Ed Hallam
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